Lots of New Stuff In! February 24, 2015 22:46

Hey just an update, we've upgraded the quantity of inventory we are carrying to offer a larger selection of new aftermarket parts for chainsaws.

More things will be added as the year wears on.  If you don't see it on we can likely get it.

Have a question about fitment?  Go ahead and ask!
Looking for something you don't see on the site, go ahead and ask!

I've recently got a shipment in of all different types of parts for the following models...
  • 362/365/371/372
  • 61/268/272 and others
  • 281/288
  • 394/395
  • And others
  • 024/026/MS260
  • 029/039/MS290/310/390
  • 044/440/046/460
  • 066/660
  • 034/036/360
  • 038/MS380
  • And others
Makita / Dolmar Cylinder kits, big bore as well.

We've got a wide variety of categories we're stocking as well
  • Starters
  • Clutch Covers
  • Top Covers
  • Air Filter Covers
  • Top Quality AM Bearings
  • Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Complete Gasket Sets
  • Really nice mufflers for 026/044/066 Stihls, some dual port
  • Carb Kits
  • Fuel Lines and Filters
  • Top Quality Unbranded Pistons and Cylinders
  • Top Quality Big Bore Kits
  • Cheaper Cylinders
  • Pistons
  • Flywheels
  • Oil Pumps
  • Tanks
  • Wrap Handles
  • Crankshafts
  • Clutches
  • Drive Sprockets
And more.....

Taking requests, special orders and what not.

Need a large quantity of something and are looking for a discount?  Drop me a line and I'll make it happen for you!
Need to put together a special order of parts I don't have?  We can make that happen as well.

I'm still offering Meteor products, as always, as well!
Everything is good quality stuff and priced competitively, if you have any questions please ask!

Good prices, good parts, good service, that's it!

Satisfaction with all parts is guaranteed, and parts are inspected prior to shipment.

Husqvarna 371xp Rebuild With Meteor Piston and Cylinder Kit February 02, 2015 09:19 1 Comment

Now I never claimed to be much of a saw builder, but I have done a few bearing/seal jobs in my time. There were some other reasons on what prompted me to rebuild this saw :
  • This saw needed new bearings
  • For the heck of it
  • I wanted to test out the Meteor Cylinder kits I'm offering for sale. Although I've used a good amount of the pistons I've never used the cylinders. If I ain't got no experience with them it ain't right for me to sell em!

This saw came to me in the fall from a timber cutter with a few others, and I decided to hang onto it. It's an all original 371xp that was in good physical shape. I figured it would make a nice project to rebuild as I have some pretty good experience with these saws with OEM top ends. I've got a 10+ cord a year firewood habit and have a few buddies I help out with firewood as well.

It's a shame I don't have any pictures of it when it was all together, but I'll proceed!

Here's the saw disassembled and ready for cleaning.

Meteor 371/2 Piston and Cylinder Kit


Let's get these cases cleaned up here!


Husqvarna Crankcase Splitter (a worthwhile investment.)  This tool works by placing the jaw around the crankshaft journal and applying pressure to the crankshaft via the threaded rod.  Splits the crankcase safely without concern for any damage, no struggle and in a timely manner.  Certainly worth the money spent!


Here we go, new gaskets, oil seals, bearings and intake boot.  These are all MUSTS when rebuilding a saw.  Choose quality parts for long life!


Now that the case has been split and cleaned I remove the old bearings and seals with some basic tools.  Some people have bearing removers, I just use a large brass punch or a socket.  Be careful to remove crankcase locating pins as well as lay the crankcase on a flat surface when knocking the old bearings out.  A standard ball peen hammer is all the force needed to remove the old bearings.


Now, I use an electric smokehouse to warm the cases for new bearing installation.  Some folks prefer an oven, a toaster over are a heat gun to do the job.  This is what I have handy and it get up to about 300 degrees.  This is plenty of heat to expand the crankcase.  They're only about $100!

You must make sure your surfaces are clean if you're going to replaces gaskets.

Here I use a razor blade to scrape the heavy material off.

Then I move to a little 80 grit sandpaper for the really stuck on stuff and finish with a 320 grit.

Nice and clean!


In the cooker they go for about a half hour.


The time for them to heat up should give me plenty of time to clean up all of this stuff!



Ok, now here we go.  Remove the hot case halves and drop the bearings right in!

Time is of the essence here.  Be ready to just drop them in, they must be straight and seat in the case.

After you do this get your locating pins installed and start case assembly.  The heat soaked into the bearing from the hot crankcase should be enough to slide the crankshaft into the bearing.  Get the crank installed in one half and get your gasket on there.  Pull the case together tight with the crankcase screws.  Sometimes after assembly the crankshaft will feel a little "tight" in the case.  Take a look down in there and see if the crank is more to one side than the other.  I couple of quick raps with a brass punch and a hammer should center it up good for you!


New Meteor Piston installed!  Make sure the arrow on the top of the piston faces the exhaust port and circlips are seated properly in their groove.


There's the cylinder!  I smear a little bit of oil in there for ease of installation!


There it is on the case with a new base gasket.


Made by Meteor Piston company.  I've got a feeling this saw is going to be a great runner for a good many years.


Ignition components installed.


Oil pump in!

New intake boot!

All together now!




Here we go, tached to 12.5k a slight muffler mod, so a little rich. Cylinder is untouched and bolted right on. Running a base gasket.

New Oregon Semi Chisel Chain, green, frozen red oak.

I was really digging her in and letting her eat, take a look at the pressure I was applying to the handle.

Seems dang strong to me! This was the first few cuts with it.

I'll let the video do the talking!

The difference between Meteor and Unbranded Aftermarket Kits. December 24, 2014 21:40

Above is an example of an unbranded aftermarket Stihl MS440 kit.  Take note at the piston locating pins, the port beveling or lack thereof and the overall fit and finish of the cylinder.



Now below is a Meteor kit.  Again, take note of the quality of the machine work on the piston, the thick cylinder coating, the locating pins and the beveling around the ports.

A world of difference.


Now I will illustrate the differences in an unbranded aftermarket Husqvarna 372 kit and a Meteor 372 kit.

Unbranded Kit


Meteor Kit

Again, a world of difference!




Product quality is a huge concern of mine!  I simply will not sell something I would not choose for myself and this is why I have selected Meteor as a brand I choose to carry.

Meteor Piston and Cylinder kits.

The trustworthy answer to OEM.

  • Highest quality on the market
  • Italian made and machined
  • Kits come with Meteor Pistons
  • Kits come with Caber Rings
  • Brand name and Image
  • Consistency In Product

We are now dealing in Meteor Pistons! December 05, 2013 18:31

Hey everyone!


I would like to say to all of our customers a huge thank you for making our first year with SawSalvage a success!


With that being said I would like to note that we have some very exciting things planned for our next year.


The first thing is us becoming a dealer in Meteor Pistons and Cylinders!

We plan to be up and running with a small selection of pistons beginning no later than 12/17/14.

Cylinders should also be here within the next two weeks.


We chose to offer Meteor because of the quality product they offer and the reputation of their product's service over the years.  Meteor has cemented themselves as a driving force in the quality aftermarket chainsaw parts world and we have decided that that is a product that we want to offer to our customers.


We will be competitively priced in the market and will offer the same flat $6.95 shipping on Meteor pistons that we offer on everything else. 


Once again, we thank you kindly for your business and look forward to talking soon,