Lots of New Stuff In! February 24, 2015 22:46

Hey just an update, we've upgraded the quantity of inventory we are carrying to offer a larger selection of new aftermarket parts for chainsaws.

More things will be added as the year wears on.  If you don't see it on SawSalvage.com we can likely get it.

Have a question about fitment?  Go ahead and ask!
Looking for something you don't see on the site, go ahead and ask!

I've recently got a shipment in of all different types of parts for the following models...
  • 362/365/371/372
  • 61/268/272 and others
  • 281/288
  • 394/395
  • And others
  • 024/026/MS260
  • 029/039/MS290/310/390
  • 044/440/046/460
  • 066/660
  • 034/036/360
  • 038/MS380
  • And others
Makita / Dolmar Cylinder kits, big bore as well.

We've got a wide variety of categories we're stocking as well
  • Starters
  • Clutch Covers
  • Top Covers
  • Air Filter Covers
  • Top Quality AM Bearings
  • Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Complete Gasket Sets
  • Really nice mufflers for 026/044/066 Stihls, some dual port
  • Carb Kits
  • Fuel Lines and Filters
  • Top Quality Unbranded Pistons and Cylinders
  • Top Quality Big Bore Kits
  • Cheaper Cylinders
  • Pistons
  • Flywheels
  • Oil Pumps
  • Tanks
  • Wrap Handles
  • Crankshafts
  • Clutches
  • Drive Sprockets
And more.....

Taking requests, special orders and what not.

Need a large quantity of something and are looking for a discount?  Drop me a line and I'll make it happen for you!
Need to put together a special order of parts I don't have?  We can make that happen as well.

I'm still offering Meteor products, as always, as well!
Everything is good quality stuff and priced competitively, if you have any questions please ask!

Good prices, good parts, good service, that's it!

Satisfaction with all parts is guaranteed, and parts are inspected prior to shipment.