New Meteor Piston Husqvarna 357 46mm

$ 35.00

Replaces 537 21 96-02



Comes with:




-Wrist Pin
Dealer in Meteor Brand Aftermarket Forestry Parts

Why we choose to deal in Meteor Pistons.
-Consistent High Quality, Best in Market, OEM Type Quality
-All Parts Manufactured In-House
-Brand Recognition
-Focus on Brand Integrity
-Brand Name Attached to Products
-Pistons Come with Caber Rings
-Reasonable pricing in comparison to OEM

A note before you decide to replace your piston.
You may be replacing your piston just because your skirt or ring wear is out of tolerance, but if you are replacing due to seizure you may want to address the following things before you purchase and install a new piston.

Lean Seizure

If your saw has been scored as a result of lean seizure you must address what caused that to happen in the first place. If you do not then you will be having another failure in short order.
Do your due diligence to allow your work to not be in vain.
It is recommended that you perform pressure and vacuum test prior to tear down to confirm that your saw is/is not leaking air somewhere. Leaks generally tend to happen in the following areas:
-Intake Boot / Block
-Damaged, worn fuel lines
-Damaged, worn impulse lines
-Crankcase oil seals
-Crankcase gasket
-Cylinder gasket
The fuel to air mixture in a two stroke engine is critical for long engine life. Air leaks and maladjustment of carburetor can cause the engine to fail.
With that being said, if you have a scored piston there is likely aluminum transfer left on the walls of the cylinder. Scoring is actually molten aluminum bonding to the chrome or Nikasil surface of the cylinder.
Any and all aluminum transfer must be removed prior to installation of piston, if it is not piston / ring damage will occur.
Care must also be taken upon inspection of cylinder to ensure that the interior coating of the cylinder itself is not damaged, flaking or missing completely.
Some folks use muriatic acid and a Scotch-Brite pad to clean up cylinders, some use a rotary tool / foredom to remove it. Please do your research to find what method best suits the application.

Installation of Pistons
It is important that you check the condition of the cylinder and that your piece of equipment is free of air leaks prior to installation / first run of the piston.
New wrist pin bearings are highly recommended. Keep in mind it's cheap insurance against a dozen or more needle bearings and cage fragments dancing around your cylinder walls, transfer ports, crankcase and combustion chamber.
Circlips need to be installed properly, taking care to ensure that they are fully seated in their grooves.
Take great care to make sure rings are seated properly upon installation and ring ends are in proper position around locating pins.
We can guarantee the quality of the products we sell, but we cannot guarantee the condition of the cylinder of which you install the pistons in or the workmanship, we want your project to be successful and offer to you many hours of reliable run time. Take the time to do it right so the piston can serve you for years to come!



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